Thursday, March 15, 2012

Are You With Me? Part 3

Oh bother! Feeling a little like Eeyore today. Lost a big fat zero pounds this week :/ Discouraged? Yes. Giving up? No way! Pounds are not the only way to measure fitness success. So, I'll list a few of this week's successes.

1. We ran/walked a 5K! How fun is that! Earth Fare hosted it's 2nd annual Ketchup Family Fun Run last weekend. The entire family got up before 6:00 a.m. to be in the parking lot by 7:00 for registration. That in itself was an accomplishment. lol So there I was with two children in a double stroller with "Chunky" (aka Yaffa) wrapped around my body ready to run, er, walk a 5K. I jogged a whole minute and a half until I got in front of the really old people so I wouldn't be the "rotten tomato" of the race. I finished my "power walk" in 56 minutes. Not bad. Oh, btw, I wasn't the rotten tomato, but those two old people that I wanted to get in front of in the beginning passed me up in the last 3 minutes of the race. We all had a really great time and the family was immediately talking about doing another one very soon. Sheesh! Give a mom a break! Below are a few pictures.

2. I out endured my husband. Tom joined me for one of my workouts this week and could barely keep up. Yes, he's recovering from a back injury, but still! I could never have out done him on his worst day ever. Now for me, that's an accomplishment! Below are a couple of pictures Tom took of me doing my plyometrics (jump training) workout.

3. I feel stronger and have more energy. I'm sore just about every day. But somehow it's a good sore. Not so much that I can't function, but just enough to tell my mind that, "Yeah, you worked out and it makes a difference". My body reminds me that I am getting stronger and that my labors are not in vain.

I did have a couple of weak days. I really wanted to cheat and have some kind of yummy goodness, stuff I usually wouldn't even normally eat, BUT I had self control. I did not want to sabotage myself. Besides, I know from past experiences that it never feels worth it afterwards. It doesn't really fill that void or bring you comfort. What really brings you comfort at the end of the day is to be able to say with complete conviction, "I did my best!"

This week's lesson: Do your best and forget the rest!


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