Thursday, March 8, 2012

Are You With Me? Part 2

It's been one week since I started Shoshanna's Are You With Me challenge. I have to say it's been quite easy. I thought I'd really mourn the dairy (I've gone dairy-free before) and my beloved bread, but honestly it's been no big deal. We even went on a weekend getaway and I had no problems. 

It's definitely a mindset. You have to be ready and convinced in your own mind that this is what you need to do. I know that I need to get this extra weight off. I know that I need to get in shape. I know that I need more energy. I'm a much more pleasant mommy and wife when I'm fit. So, here I am, plugging along on this life long journey. 

So, what have I done this week? As far as food goes, I already have dairy-free options at my house since five of my children are allergic to dairy. I'm very aware of the foods that contain it. We went out to eat four nights this past week. I had a grilled chicken salad with oil and vinegar from Subway, a burger no bun and french fries from Five Guys, `Grilled Chicken with rice and corn on the cob from Chilis, and a Moe's naked (no shell) burrito eaten with my tortilla chips. Wednesdays are breakfast night at my house. We had scrambled eggs, potato and turkey sausage hash, and biscuits. I purchased a gluten free biscuit mix. The biscuits were yummy. I even reheated one today for lunch and ate tuna salad on top. Breakfasts and lunches have mostly been smoothie with protein powder and Erin's Green Drink Mix. I really enjoy smoothies. They're quick and easy.

I got in my one hour of exercise each day except two that we were in the car all day traveling on our trip. I did my P90X workouts and walked on the day we were on vacation.. Tom even bought me a heart rate monitor that tells me when I'm in "the zone" and how many calories I've burned during my workouts. I feel much better when I get in my exercise. It's nice just knowing that I'm doing something so great for my body and being a good example to my children.

In addition to this week's diet changes and continued exercise I have been gently cleansing my body by taking bentonite clay capsules and drinking lots of water with lemon or lime. I would like to add some extra fiber next week, but I need to order it. You can watch a video by Shoshanna on cleansing while pregnant or nursing here.

This week's results have been more than I had expected. I have more energy, I have learned that I have more resolve than I had thought, and I lost five pounds! I'm so happy with this progress.

This coming week I hope to add another half an hour a day activity that will get the blood flowing, try some new gluten free recipes, and add in the extra fiber. Oh and did I mention the family will be running/walking in a Fun Family 5K this weekend? Uh huh. Sure are!

Are you with me? It's never too late too improve your life.



  1. That is awesome...good job!
    It definitely is a lifestyle choice...nothing like a healthy, happy mama. :D
    That sounds like such fun, the fam doing a 5k.