Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Doula's Perspective

This was written by Leigh, my friend and my doula. I will always cherish my birth experience with little Yaffa Joy, thanks in part to my wonderful team, which Leigh was a part of.


I was excited to be asked to be a part of your baby’s birth. After we talked early in your pregnancy about the uniqueness and significance you sensed surrounding this baby, I prayed that your Holy Father would give you wisdom and peace in walking through this pregnancy and that His Presence would fill your home during the labor and birth experience.
Your friend Sunshine and I had met only once, briefly, before coming to your home a few weeks before the birth to discuss your birth plan. I knew quickly that she and I were well suited as team mates for your labor and delivery. I was more comfortable in the role of helping manage labor, and she in the role of birthing assistant, and we were both committed to submitting all to the control of the Father.
A couple of things stand out to me as unexpected in your labor and delivery of Yaffa Joy. The first is that I was very impressed with your calm and composure throughout the labor, but especially toward the end. You had told us to expect a little panic from you during transition. I would have expected it anyway, but I appreciated the humble warning. I was fully prepared to dodge unseemly remarks and rice socks, but you stayed focused and remarkably well-spoken concerning your needs.
Another interesting aspect to this birth was the seeming lack of a pushing stage. At one point, Sunshine and I could tell that things were changing, but we could not tell how close to the delivery we were. You were managing well and still wanting to change positions. During this time, after indicating that you wanted to stand up, you walked surprisingly quickly toward the bathroom. Less than a minute later you were calling for Sunshine, and little Yaffa made her appearance.
It bothered me that I was not able to get Tom before Yaffa arrived, and that he heard of her birth from her own little lips. I know it was a disappointment to him to not be with you at her birth, and I pray the Father gives him a special peace to fill that void.
I feel very blessed to have been a part of welcoming Yaffa Joy to your family. I know that there is a unique calling on her life and that she will be a source of joy and comfort to you all.

Because of Him,