Monday, April 2, 2012

Are You With Me? Part 4

And the results of my "Are You With Me Challenge" are.....drum roll please!

A whole nine pounds! Okay, so, it's not a huge amount, BUT I did meet my goal to get into the 150s. This morning I weighed myself and I was 159. I really would have liked to get down to 153 by the end of the challenge. I did lose somewhere around 6 1/2 inches total from my thighs, butt, hips, waist, tummy, and chest. I didn't start measuring until week two so I could have lost more. I was getting disappointed with the scale so I decided to start checking results from my actual body.

Even though I didn't lose all I wanted, it has been a good learning experience. I did learn that I am not addicted to food. I also learned that my liver seriously needs detoxed. I believe I would have lost much more had I been able to do the liver cleanse along with the program. I do plan on doing a liver cleanse after baby turns a year or after she weans. You can read more about the effects of a toxic or fatty liver here.

Another great thing is that I've already lost more than all the baby weight from Yaffa and she's only six months old. I have NEVER lost all of the baby weight before my babies turned a year. NEVER. Now I can start losing some of the accumulated baby weight from some of my other lovelies : D

I am going to continue my P90X workout routine. I love that it doesn't get boring since there are so many videos and types of workouts meant to be rotated. Boredom is one of my biggest excuses for lack of exercise. I am also going to start adding other grains besides wheat into our diet. 

So, thanks, Shoshanna, for this great experience. I hope I win your Making Babies series, but if not, it was still well worth it.


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