Thursday, March 1, 2012

Are You With Me?

I order most of my herbs through Bulk Herb Store and get their weekly e-newsletters. Last week Shoshanna posted a challenge, Are You With Me?. It's her diet and exercise challenge. Basically she's going wheat, dairy, and sugar free and exercising for 1 hour a day for the entire month of March. I've been exercising, but I get terribly bored with the same things all the time and am always looking for ways to change up what I'm doing. This sounded like a great challenge for me since I've gone sugar and dairy free before, but not wheat free. Now I'll be doing all three! Great! I'm up for that! There's an added bonus. Whomever makes the most progress at the end of the month will win Shoshanna's Making Babies DVD Series. You have to document your progress, so, I'll be doing that here.

My starting weight is 168. We'll see how many pounds I can shed by the end of the month.

Are YOU with me?


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